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[English Saturday] The BFG by Roald Dahl

The BFG by Roald Dahl FrobscottleI proudly present to you my new category (insert drum roll) ENGLISH SATURDAY. Instead of posting English reviews once in a while on Monday and taking away precious posts, I decided to open up a new possibility. Whenever I feel like reviewing one of my English books - which clearly don't take up as much reading time as I would like - I will do so on Saturday. Obviously posting my normal reviews on Monday plus English reviews each Saturday would take up way too much of my time. I definitely couldn't handle that. But whenever I find the time to actually review in English, Saturday is the day.

Title: The BFG
Author: Roald Dahl
Genre: Children's book
Paperback: 240 Pages
ISBN: 978-0-141-36132-1
List Price: £6,99

It was a momentous night when Sophie couldn't sleep during witching hour. A glimpse through the window, a mysterious shadow and suddenly she found herself snatched from her bed. To her surprise the monster that kidnapped her turned out to be as friendly as can be - he is the BFG (The Big Friendly Giant). The BFG lives in a far away land called giant land and visits human villages at night to bring little kids pleasant dreams. He couldn't risk that Sophie tells anyone about his existence; so taking her with him was the only chance he saw. In giant land Sophie finds out that there are 9 other giants, but they aren't friendly at all. Rather than bringing little kids pleasant dreams, they stroll around to eat kids and other humans from all over the world.

I adored the BFG a lot, even though his way of talking was rather odd at the beginning. It took me a while to get accustomed to his mispronounced words and weird syntax. After I finally managed to understand him better, I enjoyed it a lot. It's something else and fits his character, because he was never able to go to school and all he had was one book he (secretly) borrowed a long time ago. It was fun to try to decode the things the BFG talks about and I am glad I actually got to read the book in English, as I don't think the translation can hold up to it (especially after finding out that the BFG is called "GuRie" standing for Guter Riese).

"'Meaning is not important,' said the BFG. 'I cannot be right all the time. Quite often I is left instead of right.'" ~ p. 27

However, even better than the weird sentence structure was the relationship between the BFG and Sophie. They quickly bonded and the little orphant Sophie is incredibly calm for being taken away from her usual surroundings into a world full of human-eating giants. Even though she didn't like her orphanage and there wasn't anybody she could miss, I am sure I'd have totally freaked out - especially the thought to only eat Snozzcumbers would have been horrible. But I guess she was pleased to be able to drink Frobscottle all day long and get all the bubbly air out of her body (by the way, I totally want to try Frobscottle, because it sounds like a fun drink).
The BFG by Roald Dahl Frobscottle
Are the bubbles going up or down?
Kick-ass Sophie helps the BFG to actually go out an do something. He watches the other giants on their way to eat humans every night. He despises their behavior and the other giants bully him. Only because of Sophie he actively tries to stop it. Obviously the way they accomplish this is kinda odd and far-fetched, but it's a book for children after all. Due to this I can ignore some of the plot holes and take the outcome as given.

How did I get hold of my copy? I won my copy on Lovelybooks as part of the Let's read in English Challenge. Thanks to Penguin Random House for the book.
Why did I read the book? I actually never heard of this classical children's book, but the movie trailer of the soon to be released screen adaptation looked absolutely gorgeous. 

It was a pleasure to read this children book. Yes, it has some plot holes; and yes, it doesn't make sense all the time. However, I am sure as a kid I would have loved the BFG and believed in his magic. I might even have waited at night and tried risking a glance while waiting for my dream being delivered.

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