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[Rezension] Blood on Snow by Jo Nesbø

Ich durfte wieder auf Englisch lesen. Von Jo Nesbø habe ich schon viel gehört, aber bin nie wirklich dazugekommen einen seiner Thriller zu lesen. Nun war es soweit und ich durfte in die Seiten von 'Blood on Snow' eintauchen. Allerdings ist 'Blood on Snow' kein gewöhnlicher Thriller, denn es handelt sich um eine Kurzgeschichte. Ob mir die schneeweiße Welt von Nesbø zusagt oder aber zu viele rote Flecken die Winterlandschaft stören, erfahrt ihr passend zur Buchsprache auf Englisch.

Original title: Blod på snø
English title: Blood on snow
Author: Jo Nesbø
Genre: Thriller
Paperback: 198 Pages
ISBN: 978-1-84655-992-1
List Price: £12,99
Bildergebnis für harvill secker

It is the tale of Olav Johansen, who is a loner without any friends. He did not achieve much in his life arising from his lack of confidence. He is bad in math, has got dylexia and fall in love way too easy. So he believes he cannot do anything worthwhile and is only good at fixing people. That is why he became a hitman for his boss David Hoffmann.

"Maybe it seems odd to call someone a corpse just a few seconds after the person in question has died, but that's the way I've always looked at it." ~ p. 42

His newest job is to kill one special unit - David Hoffmann's cheating wife. But this job is not as easy as all the other jobs Olav had to complete. As soon as Olav falls in love with Hoffmann's wife and he doesn't want to fix his current unit, things turn ugly. Olav has to worry about his own life and only sees one chance; he teams up with David Hoffman's rival the Fisherman.

'Blood on snow' is neither extremely exciting nor boring. The importance is rather attributed to the story itself than the thrill factor. The literary agility was missing and the whole narrative seemed rather sterile and lifeless. For me the story just wasn't exciting, but the plot itself was prety catching. I wanted to know where the story is heading, even though the writing couldn't hook me.

"Either way, it meant I had to go back to Plan A. The reason I had started with Plan B was that there wasn't a single thing I liked about Plan A." ~ p. 57

I was surprised by the one or the other plot twist. Especially the ending made up for the first impression I had; Nesbø should have showed much more of this in this short. The closing scene was poetic and satisfied me completely. I suddenly felt connected to the characters; the connection just wasn't there for me before. Olav's character got more complex and more sympathetic the closer I got to the end.

"So I rewrote the story. I made it better." ~ p. 141

Overall a good read, but do not expect high literature. It's pretty much a thriller that was reduced to the basics and does not demand much thought by the reader.

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