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[Rezension] A liberal Temptation by Delilah J

Ein weiteres Buch zu einer Leserunde erreichte mich; dieses Mal jedoch auf Englisch. Da ich sehr gerne englische Bücher lese und mich das Cover und die Handlung zu "A liberal tempation" von Delilah J angesprochen haben, freute ich mich sehr dabei zu sein. Das Buch erreichte mich mit einer netten Widmung der Autorin, über die ich mich sehr gefreut habe. Meine Rezension, dieses Mal passend zum Buch auf Englisch, findet ihr durch einen Klick auf "Weitere Informationen".

Original title: A liberal temptation
Author: Delilah J
Paperback: 134 Pages
ISBN: 978-3-0004-3900-1

After Eddie's parents got divorced, he was forced to move to London with his father Edward - far away from his friends and mother back in San Francisco. His mother lost custody due to the lawyers of her rich ex-husband; supposedly she is a class A drug addict. However, Eddie would prefer living with his mom back in the USA instead of living with his often absent dad and strict step mother Edwina. Eddie's father sees Edwina has a full time nanny for his son, but she rather wants to ship him off to boarding school as soon as possible and marry Edward, Eddie's father.
The story takes place in the family's vacation residence in Scotland. Eddie, his step mother and step siblings invited befriended families over in order to relax. But the plot isn't filled with relaxation, but rather with intrigue. Lies, infidelty, accidents, murder, corruption are a daily occurence.

Contrary to expectations I did not like the novel. I expected much more from the teaser and the cover with its 50s charm.  The plot was actually really nice and I liked the ideas the author had, but for me the writing did not suffice the idea of the story. For me the story had too many jumps and a lot seems missing and not fully thought out - the reader is left with so many questions. It's just the hard facts in the story and not much else. In the chapters the characters jump absurdly through thought and speech, past and present. Sometimes I just couldn't really follow. The characters seemed flawed to me and incomplete; they all had fascinating moments, but I didn't quite get a feeling for any of them. I just wasn't drawn into the story. [Spoiler] I didn't feel sorry of shocked when Edward's plane crashed or when Edwina and Edward died. It just didn't matter to me at all. It just happened so quickly. Boom. Dead. It just wasn't my kinda book. [/Spoiler].  Don't get me wrong, the plot is nice and all the twists are great, but I think there is just so much missing which would make the story so much better. The parts that are there are great, there just needs to be added a lot in order to satisfy me. It just seemed like a rough draft and not like a finished story.

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